Characterize it Thursday 5/15/14

Characterize it Thursday 5/15/14
Once again, sorry this a day late! Testing weeks are crazy! Anyways, this meme is hosted by the ya book butterfly. This weeks topic is character from another world! I, of course, chose daemon black from the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout!


Daemon black is one of my favorite characters ever and is number one on my fiction crush list. He is luxen which is kind of like an alien I guess because he’s from another planet. He starts out as an annoying egotistical jerk and remains that way throughout the series except the more you read, the more you fall in love with it. I’ve seriously never read about a character like him and I sometimes go through withdrawals from him and this series because it is so dang good! If you haven’t read this series yet please do and tell everyone you know! It will probably show up in my blog a lot because I love it so much…but daemon is the greatest!
The last book in the series is coming this summer, get started with book one, obsidian here.


Characterize It Thursday 5/8/14

Characterize It Thursday 5/8/14
This meme is hosted by the YA Book Butterfly
This week’s topic is: A character who is “dead” but isn’t really dead.


Sorry this post is a day late but I still had to do it because this topic is just great! As soon as I read it I knew the perfect person! Anubis/Walt from the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan is Sadie Kane’s boyfriend(s). The situation is super complicated but Anubis is a God associated with death and the afterlife who cannot be with Sadie because he has no mortal body to be with her in and when Walt (the second love interest of Sadie) is about to die, they merge into walt’s body! I definitely loved this twist, of course because Rick Riordan is an amazing author. I was confused with this for awhile which made the book even more interesting because I can usually guess plot twists. The only weird part was that Sadie is only thirteen and she has two “boyfriends” and one is a God who is immortal and the whole situation is almost too weird when I think hard about it because she is so young but it’s super entertaining to read! I love every book by Rick Riordan and if you haven’t read his books I strongly suggest it and if you’ve read Percy Jackson but not the Kane Chronicles, you will love these because Egyptian mythology is just as entertaining!! I definitely love them and I love Riordan’s writing! His characters are all great!
You can buy the first book in the Kane chronicles here.

Characterize it Thursday 5/1/14

Characterize it Thursday 5/1/14
This meme is hosted by the ya book butterfly.

This weeks topic is: best realistic fiction character.


This weeks topic was tough for me because as you all probably figured out I am more of a fantasy, Syfy, mythology reader and not very well read in the realistic fiction genre. However, of the few books I have read, Chris mccandless was the character that stood out to me the most because of his crazy aspirations. Even though he wasn’t the brightest person sometimes, I enjoyed hearing about his adventure to travel to Alaska and how he got there. This kid was an interesting character and the ending of the book was upsetting and I didn’t like it because things didn’t turn out well for Chris, but it was based on a real person so it wasn’t the authors fault. A lot of schools read this book and I think it’s pretty popular but if you like realistic fiction and you haven’t read it, it was definitely a good read considering it isn’t up my alley so I would recommend it.