Eternal Eden by Nicole Williams

Eternal Eden by Nicole Williams

Eternal Eden (Eden Trilogy, #1)

Goodreads Summary: College sophomore Bryn Dawson is a self-proclaimed poster child for normal. However, the day William Hayward enters her life, normalcy is the last thing Bryn will be able to count on if she wants to be with him. Too mysterious and appealing to be good for a girl, Bryn feels drawn to him in a way that seems out of her control—as if fate is orchestrating it.
Despite every red flag and warning siren going off in her head telling her not to, Bryn falls hard for William, knowing he’s categorically different from anyone she’s ever met. She never imagined how right she was. When William takes her deeper into the rabbit hole of his world, Bryn must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to be with him, knowing no matter what, fate always finds a way to have the last laugh.
Spinning a new twist on star-crossed lovers, Eternal Eden will put Bryn through a gauntlet of turmoil, challenging her to find the power within herself to become the heroine in her own story.

My Review: This book was one of the best paranormal romance books I have ever read. Of course it was super cheesy and stupid and boy meets girl and it starts out with them not liking each other at all and then BAM! Yeah, super cliché and I knew what was going to happen as soon as I started reading it (with the romance) but I loved it anyways! The romance was super adorable and I lived through it and I am in love with William and he is definitely swoon-worthy!

The plot didn’t really happen until like half way through and I thought I would get bored with the slow pace, but in this book I didn’t and I just enjoyed all of the happiness and tried to absorb it before the plot came in and twisted and ruined everything. The real plot though was super interesting, I thought these “Immortals” were going to be vampires or something but they aren’t and I don’t really know what they are, they share some vampire-like attributes but were pretty original. It was really interesting to read about them, and then the plot twist with the betrothal thing and with another character named Patrick, I won’t include any spoilers but the twists were interesting and I actually didn’t see them coming.

This book was amazing! I cannot wait to read the next two and see what happens with William and Bryn! This book was definitely worth every minute, it absorbed me and made me forget about real life! I was upset when I stopped reading and realized that William is not my boyfriend. Anyway, you can get Eternal Eden on amazon for free here! Read it if you like dumb books like twilight that you don’t want to like but you do anyways. If that applies to you, trust me.


Throwback Thursday 9/25/14

Throwback Thursday 9/25/14

Beautiful Creatures Series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

beautiful creatures

So over summer I was in a lull (I have no idea how, given how large my TBR list is at the moment) and I decided to reread the beautiful creatures series because it had been so long since I had read them and I really loved them! Sadly, they were not as good the second time through. I always enjoy the first one because I love the whole being able to mind-speak, it’s kelting if I remember correctly in these books, anyways it’s really entertaining and it’s my favorite part of the books! As I reread them though, the first book was slower than I remembered and the second and third were even slower and I couldn’t push myself through the last! I feel like it had something to do with the fact that I remembered everything that happened so the buildup was boring, I don’t know but I wish I hadn’t reread them! It’s still a good series and I recommend it to people who like paranormal romance but I do not advise a reread! You can buy beautiful creatures (the first in the series) here.

Transfixion by J. Giambrone

Transfixion by J Giambrone


This was my first ARC novel and I am so excited that I had this experience. I am sorry it took me so long to read this, I’m in college now and have very little time to read!

Goodreads Summary: It’s nothing short of the end of the world.
Someone has weaponized the broadcast spectrum – gazing upon the transmission is enough to steal your mind.
Kaylee Colton faces a technological Armageddon when suburbia shatters into civil war. All alone, and unable to speak, Kaylee will need to fight to survive and transcend her own fears if she is to stand against these enigmatic forces of destruction.

My Review: This book was AMAZING! I honestly wasn’t expecting too much from it because I’ve read iffy things about ARC books, but I loved this story! It was action-packed, constantly moving, and definitely worth the read!

It started out kind of confusing because I was thrown right in the middle of the plot, so of course I had no idea what was going on in their world and so everything that happened moved so fast and I didn’t understand it, but it was super entertaining and pulled me in from page one! Kaylee, the main character was awesome to read about, she gets chased by people trying to kill her and she is worried about not getting blood on her book. Kind of ridiculous but I can relate so I loved her from the start! Typically I don’t like it when characters have big mental breakdowns but this one was actually entertaining to read about and I liked what Giambrone did with it. The boy characters were also awesome! Lucas and Dustin were cool to read about because I like guy characters…the only upsetting thing to me was that there was no romance, I love books with romance as a minor plot, but that’s not what type of story this was I guess.

The plot was awesome even though it took a while for me to figure out what the heck was going on! The situation with the zombie-like dupes or whatever they were supposed to be was super confusing at first because it started out with “oh crap there were dupes chasing me” and I didn’t know if this was like a zombie story or a post-apocalyptic story or both! Eventually, I figured it out and it’s a pretty cool idea, this whole mind control element of the book and of course the survival aspect. The part that set this apart from other books of this genre was that the main goal wasn’t just survival, it was trying to reverse what was going on and I really liked that because it gave a purpose to the story.

The last few chapters were okay. It was confusing because again, I had to infer what happened based on the last chapter. Close to the end, the plot of the book Kaylee was reading at the beginning was also randomly thrown in and I didn’t see the purpose until a bit later on. I appreciate it now and I think it’s interesting, but it was awkwardly placed. The very last few lines though…some of my favorite lines and I was smiling like an idiot!

This book was really good and was definitely worth the read. I would recommend it for anyone who likes zombie stories, post-apocalyptic, or dystopian books! You can buy transfixion here. Thanks J. Giambrone for sending me an ARC copy! I loved it!

Freaky Friday 9/19/14

Freaky Friday 9/19/14

So this is just a random post that I’ll be doing from time to time because I thought it would be fun! I’m going to think of different books where two or more characters switched places, metaphorically or physically!

This week I’m going to start off with a slightly obvious one because I know it’s only going to get harder from here on out!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2)

Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets! Most people know this story, and if you don’t then I strongly suggest you get on it! Anyways, in this story polyjuice potion is introduced and harry and ron turned into crabbe and goyle and Hermione accidentally gets turned into a cat! The whole scene was extremely entertaining and I am obsessed with all things Harry Potter! I can’t decide which book is my favorite but this one is one of my favorites.

“Ooh, you look much tastier than Crabbe and Goyle, Harry” said Hermione, before catching sight of Ron’s raised eyebrows, blushing slightly and saying “oh you know what I mean – Goyle’s Potion looked like bogies.”   ~J.K. Rowling

That was probably one of the shortest posts I’ve done, but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while:)  New book reviews coming soon!

I am Legend by Richard Matheson

I am Legend by Richard Matheson

I Am Legend and Other Stories

Goodreads Summary: Robert Neville is the last living man on Earth…but he is not alone. Every other man, woman, and child on Earth has become a vampire, and they are all hungry for Neville’s blood.
By day, he is the hunter, stalking the sleeping undead through the abandoned ruins of civilization. By night, he barricades himself in his home and prays for dawn.
How long can one man survive in a world of vampires?

My Review: I read this book for a super awesome popular culture/literature class I am taking and I listened to it on audiobook. This book was…interesting? I guess that word sums up the book.

There wasn’t much of a plot line, it was more of the story of Robert Neville and his experiences and seeing how he reacts to everything and watching him try to figure out the virus. These so-called ‘vampires’ were a mix between vampires and zombies because of all of the typical things like garlic and mirrors and crosses but were more like zombies because they couldn’t think and they were created by a virus, and everything that related to the modern vampire was described by something scientific. I’m not sure I liked that, but it’s not a modern book so I dealt with it.

The lack of plot made it more literature-like which was okay to get through but not extremely entertaining. There was also no romance, just a few scenes where Robert considered raping women/zombies or thinking about times when he would have done something like that which was extremely awkward for me and just bleh. There was also this 27-minute section of the book (I was listening to it) where there was a dog that Robert Neville really wanted to like him and it was the longest few chapters I have ever read! It was all buildup and was so boring and repetitive and useless…then later on in the book, there was an actual human woman and there was no buildup at all. “There’s a woman. I will catch her. I chased her. I caught her and brought her back.” That is a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea of how annoyed I am at how much time was spent on the stupid dog!

Being the last man on Earth, or close to it, was definitely an interesting aspect and the reversal of what we thought was going to happen,
happened. The ending was crazy and insane and I did not see it coming, I thought it was completely awesome, brave of Matheson, and anticlimactic. Overall, I wasn’t too pleased with the book. It seemed really awesome, with zombie-like-vampires, but wasn’t a great read for me.

You can buy I am Legend here.

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Thanks Hyper About Books for nominating me for this award! I am going to use their rules for this award.

The rules for the award are:

1) Link the blogger who nominated you.

2) Answer the 11 questions your nominator gave you.

3) Tag 11 other bloggers (or as many as you can up to 11).

4) Ask the bloggers you nominated 11 questions and let them know you nominated them.

Okay, I haven’t yet found 11 blogs and I don’t know how popular these blogs are or if they have already been nominated for this award, so just go with it:) I nominate:

1) A World of Books

2) The Y.A. Bookworm Blogger

3) The Broke and the Bookish

4) Cool Girls Read Too

5) Ok, Let’s Read

6) Reading is my Reality

7) 101 Books

8) Reflections of a Book Addict

9) The Book Wars

My Answers to 11 Questions:

1. What book do you wish you never read?

Honestly, this is a really hard question for me, but I am going to have to go with Dangerous Creatures. I haven’t yet done my review on it, but it was basically one of the worst spinoffs I have read and I didn’t even make it through the whole thing so I guess I wish I never started it.

2. Do you read one book or multiple books at a time?

During breaks from school, I only read one book at a time because I usually read them so quickly, I don’t feel the need to read multiple books at a time. During school, I always have a bunch of books I have to read so I end up reading 2-3  books at a time.

3. Your favourite underrated book?

TWILIGHT!!!! Enough said.

4. If you were trapped on a desert island and could only take 2 books with you what would they be and why?

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale because it is my favorite book of all time and I can read it over and over and never get bored. Book 2 would have to be a compilation of books 1-7 of Harry Potter. I don’t care if this isn’t real, it is real in my mind. I say this because I cannot pick one Harry Potter book.

5. Do you buy books based on beautiful covers?

No; I have seen covers and been immediately drawn to a book so then I look it up on goodreads but I don’t just buy books on their covers.

6. What do you think about E-readers and Ebooks?

I now live off of them because I am in college and have no room for real books. It’s definitely easy to keep my books together like that and through bookbub I get lots of free books (I have now surpassed two dozen) but I still will always prefer holding a real book in my hand.

7. Is there a book/books you have multiple copies of?

I own two copies of the Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan but that’s only because my brother lost the book, so I rebought it and then we found it so now I have two. Otherwise I try to only have one copy of each book.

8. Favourite place to read?

My favorite place to read is outside on a patio while it’s raining. (I live in Arizona so that doesn’t happen very often).

9. Do you use bookmarks or fold over the pages?

BOOKMARKS!!! I hate it when people dog-ear pages! I tend to not lend out books because of it…

10. Do you write in or highlight quotes/sections in book, or do you use post sticks or nothing at all?

If I have paper with me like a receipt, I use that to make notes, I have used stick notes, if it’s an electronic book I highlight sections, and I type quotes into my phone to save for my blog reviews.

11. What inspired you to blog? And why?

There were two factors that inspired me to blog. One was my good friend, the blogger behind Escape Inside the Pages because she was always telling me about how fun it is and I always liked talking about books and she told me I would like it. The other factor was Katy, the main character from the Lux series who blogged, and JLA always made it sound so fun so because of these two things my blog was born and I am so thankful because I love the blogging world!!!

Questions for The Bloggers I Nominated:

1) Are you picky about the genres you read or will you just pick up any book and start reading?

2) Do you marathon read series or do you read different books between each book in a series?

3) What is your favorite standalone? Favorite Series?

4) Number one book crush?

5) Is there an author that you have read every book they’ve written?

6) Is there a book that grew on you after you read it and made you want to reread it?

7) Do you lend out your books?

8) Favorite book/book series that turned into a movie?

9) A book you wish never got turned into a movie?

10) Electronic books vs. paperback/hardcover books and why?

11) Why did you start blogging?

I’m so excited about this and I am ready to read everyone’s answers to these questions!