United Eden by Nicole Williams

United Eden by Nicole Williams

United Eden (Eden Trilogy, #3)

Goodreads Summary: Life’s been many things for twenty year old Bryn Dawson, but one thing it’s never been is easy. And it’s only about to get harder.
As the gossip of Bryn being Betrothed to her true love’s little brother, Patrick, becomes more reality than rumor, Bryn does her best to think positive thoughts, ignore Patrick’s odd behavior, avoid Paul’s relentless advances, and attempts to conjure William back from his latest overseas mission. She fails on all fronts.
The night an army of Inheritors set out with an agenda to deliver vengeance on any Guardian surrounding Bryn, the Betrothal Ball becomes the least of her worries. Instead of worrying about who she’ll be marching down the aisle towards, she has to accept she might not be making the journey down the aisle ever.

My Review: Okay, I realize that I have not posted a review in three weeks…yikes…but I am working on reading and blogging as much as possible! Anyway, my short review without spoilers is that I loved this book as much as I loved the other two and it was a wonderful conclusion to a trilogy that I fell in love with at the start. The characters were more developed, especially Patrick (the comic relief), the plot took a while to pick up but I enjoyed the slow subplot of the betrothal, and the romance was beautiful and addicting!

Now for the review WITH SPOILERS! I spent the entire first quarter of the book freaking out about the Betrothal. As soon as the last book ended and the father agreed to grant Bryn a betrothal into the Hayward family, I recognized the ambiguity of his wording which brings me back to… I was freaking out! I do love Patrick, but I did not want Bryn to have to marry him and his “true love” for her was also a complicating matter. It’s almost a love triangle, but not…! I am in love with William Hayward and like I said in a past review, when I stopped reading I was depressed that he was not actually my boyfriend and that he is not real. The anxiety leading up to the betrothal for Bryn was awful and I was so afraid Nicole Williams was going to crush me because sometimes authors enjoy doing that, but Williams was nice and the moment William’s name was announced was a swoon-worthy moment and one of my favorites in the book. Throughout the book, the romance continued to grow and even after Bryn got taken, the romance was still so amazing without being overwhelming.

The plot at first was just romantic and about the Betrothal which kept me reading and I was completely absorbed. I was really surprised at how much I liked this portion of the book because usually I don’t like purely romantic plots but hey…props to Williams. The solely romantic part of the book didn’t last too long and the book soon took a turn for the worse and the antagonist captured Bryn. Although I was entertained by this, I wasn’t surprised because the antagonist who loves the protagonist always captures her.

The scenes where Bryn is locked in a cage and a war is brewing were some of my favorites. Patrick shows up and spends time with her which is totally adorable even though somewhat awkward because of his love for her, but I still love him and his personality. When Bryn gets out of the cage and sees the war, I was reminded of the Trylle books by Amanda Hocking and the battle scene from those books because the scenes were written really similarly. I liked everything that Williams did with the book and the fight and the love and balancing it all perfectly and I am so glad I read this series. If I had to pick a favorite book of this trilogy I would say the first but that’s just because my favorite part of romance in books is the beginning, but I always do love a happy ending so the last book was amazing too!

I definitely recommend this book for those who like fantasy or paranormal romance. You can buy United Eden, the conclusion of the Eden Trilogy by Nicole Williams here.


Fallen Eden by Nicole Williams

Fallen Eden by Nicole Williams (Eternal Eden #2)

Fallen Eden (Eden Trilogy, #2)

Goodreads Summary: If happily ever after were a place, twenty-year-old Bryn Dawson would be on the farthest planet from it.
Reduced to stolen glances and secret meetings as they await a Betrothal the Council is bent on stalling, William and Bryn have to settle for happily right now, but with a man like William Hayward at her side, Bryn’s hardly settling.
The day John Townsend sends an army of Immortal mercenaries intent on destroying everyone Bryn loves, she must make the decision generations of star-crossed lovers before her have—live alone or die together. William’s made his decision, Bryn’s the one fate’s waiting on.
But fate will only wait so long until it makes the decision for her.

My Review: This book was even better than the first, and I loved the first book! This story is just so enticing and it isn’t anything crazy, new, or original but I find myself addicted to it nonetheless. The book started with a purely romantic plot, which was William and Bryn fighting to get a betrothal. The book then took a turn for the worst when John’s men came to take her and bryn’s power almost killed the people she loves. Usually in paranormal romance books, it seems that the guy leaves the girl to keep her safe so I thought that was going to happen, but it was actually the reverse! I liked that, even though as a reader I wanted nothing more than for them to be together.
The ending…it’s tough to give my opinion without spoilers but I will say that I was so anxious reading and waiting to see who Bryn would get granted a betrothal to. I remember thinking about how mad I would be if things didn’t go the way I wanted…I cannot say now if I am pleased or not! The ending was well written and summed up the story leaving room in the plot for book three which I cannot wait to finish!!!
I definitely think you should read this series if you’re into paranormal romance because they keep getting better! I am even more in love with William than I was when I read the first book! You can buy fallen eden here.