Killer Frost (Mythos Academy #6) by Jennifer Estep

Killer Frost (Mythos Academy #6) by Jennifer Estep

Killer Frost (Mythos Academy, #6)

Goodreads Summary: I’ve battled the Reapers of Chaos before–and survived. But this time I have a Bad, Bad Feeling it’s going to be a fight to the death … most likely mine.
Yeah, I’ve got my psychometry magic, my talking sword, Vic–and even the most dangerous Spartan on campus at my side, in Logan freaking Quinn, but I’m no match for Loki, the evil Norse god of chaos. I may be Nike’s Champion, but at heart, I’m still just Gwen Frost, that weird Gypsy girl everyone at school loves to gossip about.
Then someone I love is put in more danger than ever before, and something inside me snaps. This time, Loki and his Reapers are going down for good … or I am.

My Review: This conclusion to a series full of magic, mythology, action, drama, and romance was bittersweet. I was all too eager to see what Estep had in store for the last book in the Mythos Academy series but at the same time I didn’t want it to end.

I can definitely say this book was my absolute favorite and I know I have said that about every one but that’s only because they just kept getting better. This book had the most action because everything with Loki, the ultimate evil in the world, came down to a huge war as anticipated. There wasn’t really a subplot in this book which I enjoyed because everything was focused on the main issue at hand. I love battle scenes when they are done well and those in this finale did not disappoint! The final fight was epic and there was a twist that I didn’t see coming. It went really well with the book and it made so many thins come together and it was a bit too Harry Potterish to be completely unique, but I still loved it!

The romance was never really developed in any of the books. I want to love Logan but I just didn’t find myself connected to him or any of the other characters (besides the main character) as I have in other books. This really disappointed me because there was so much potential but there were too many romantic struggles and so much frustration for there to be good romance.

There isn’t much else I cannot talk about without giving away major spoilers, but I really did love the ending! Everything came together and every subplot was concluded beautifully, as was the main plot and it did end romantically (I won’t say between which couples) even though the book didn’t have as much romance as I would have liked. This series was overall pretty amazing and I am really glad I stumbled across it on goodreads. It isn’t one of my all-time favorites but I would recommend it to people who like action, mythology, and a touch of romance.

You can buy Killer Frost here.


Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy #5)

Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy #5)

Midnight Frost (Mythos Academy, #5)

Goodreads Summary: Here we go again …
Just when it seems life at Mythos Academy can’t get any more dangerous, the Reapers of Chaos manage to prove me wrong. It was just a typical night at the Library of Antiquities — until a Reaper tried to poison me. The good news is I’m still alive and kicking. The bad news is the Reaper poisoned someone else instead.
As Nike’s Champion, everyone expects me to lead the charge against the Reapers, even though I’m still hurting over what happened with Spartan warrior Logan Quinn. I’ve got to get my hands on the antidote fast — otherwise, an innocent person will die. But the only known cure is hidden in some creepy ruins — and the Reapers are sure to be waiting for me there …

My Review: There are so many things that happened in this book and I have no idea where to start for my jumbled brain to make logical sense.

My favorite part was the very end because after another book of romantic frustration and longing, Logan finally came back into the series and I officially love him. The romance between the minor characters was present but I didn’t really care about it to be honest. Sure, it was adorable and I’m glad it was there, I just didn’t feel what they were feeling so it wasn’t a super important part of the story. I definitely developed more of a connection with the minor characters in this book though which I’m really excited about, and a new character was introduced and I never thought that Gwen would meet someone like her. I got really attached to her so I am hoping she joins the big fight in the finale.

There was a lot of fighting in this book and I really liked it. So many Reapers were killed and there is another Spartan on the good side and new weapons from mythology. The mythology was also really diverse in this book, more Norse in this book than the others and it was interesting.

The subplot for this book, well, I was not a huge fan of it. The entire time they went to find a healing flower which would have been okay if it didn’t take up the whole book. It was entertaining but I feel like that didn’t need to be the entire story. I also keep getting annoyed with how many times the bad people have gotten away the SAME WAY as in all of the past books! It isn’t like they come up with different escapes, that would be okay, but they jumped onto a flying mythological creature and flew away every time. I am anticipating a huge battle between good and evil, so I really hope the author doesn’t disappoint because so far I have enjoyed this series more than I thought I was going to.

You can buy Midnight Frost here.

Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy #4)

Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy #4)

Crimson Frost (Mythos Academy, #4)

Goodreads Summary: For a moment, a face flashed before my eyes—the most hideous face I’d ever seen. No matter how hard I tried to forget what had happened, I saw him everywhere I went. It was Loki—the evil god that I’d helped set free against my will.
I should have known that my first official date with Logan Quinn was destined to end in disaster. If we’d gotten into a swordfight, or been ambushed by Reapers, I’d have been more prepared. But getting arrested mid-sip at the local coffee hangout? I didn’t see that one coming.
I’ve been accused of purposely helping the Reapers free Loki from his prison—and the person leading the charge against me is Linus Quinn, Logan’s dad. The worst part is that pretty much everyone at Mythos Academy thinks I’m guilty. If I’m going to get out of this mess alive, I’ll have to do it myself…

My review: This book was by far the best in the series so far. The plot was fast-paced and there was more fighting in this book than the past ones which made it really exciting for me. The main antagonist wasn’t directly in this book and there was another huge subplot which involved a possession of sorts and I was blown away. I wasn’t sure how the series was going to continue being so good with the same plot for the whole series but Jennifer Estep managed to create more problems for the main character Gwen and keep me captivated.

The minor characters are just that, minor. I have a small connection with a few of them like her close circle of warrior friends, but not nearly as much of a connection as I’ve had with minor characters in the past. I’m okay with this though because there is so much going on, I don’t really pay attention to every detail. The mythology wasn’t as important in this book either but I have a feeling that it will be more important in the war to come in the next two books.

The romance in this book started out wonderful, Logan has definitely turned into a swoon-worthy book boyfriend of mine, but by the end of the book it went south so fast. I am not very happy with how the book ended because there were so many small cliffhangers and so much is going to be happening. I was literally freaking out when it ended and that earned some strange looks from my family. I have to find out what happens though and I am going to be diving right into the next book before I go crazy.

I am excited that I decided to read this series and the books seriously get better every time which makes me even more addicted. I am going to be very upset when this series ends but it’s worth it. You can buy Crimson Frost here.

Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy #3)

Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy #3)

Dark Frost (Mythos Academy, #3)

Goodreads Summary: I’ve seen so many freaky things since I started attending Mythos Academy last fall. I know I’m supposed to be a fearless warrior, but most of the time, I feel like I’m just waiting for the next Bad, Bad Thing to happen. Like someone trying to kill me–again.
Everyone at Mythos Academy knows me as Gwen Frost, the Gypsy girl who uses her psychometry magic to find lost objects–and who just may be dating Logan Quinn, the hottest guy in school. But I’m also the girl the Reapers of Chaos want dead in the worst way. The Reapers are the baddest of the bad, the people who murdered my mom. So why do they have it in for me? It turns out my mom hid a powerful artifact called the Helheim Dagger before she died. Now, the Reapers will do anything to get it back. They think I know where the dagger is hidden, but this is one thing I can’t use my magic to find. All I do know is that the Reapers are coming for me–and I’m in for the fight of my life.

My Review: This book was by far the best in the series! I was so addicted to it, I felt like it was my real life and that, for me, is what makes an amazing story.

There was a bit of useless and annoying summarizing in the beginning but it quickly picked up where the last left off and completely engrossed me. The plot line was so much more intense in this book because it was all about finding the dagger, fighting Reapers in some epic and bloody battles, and stopping Loki from escaping. The plot movement was nonstop, there was more content to this story than the last book, and I really enjoyed it. The drama, magic, and mythology were also a huge part of this book and it made me wish that I lived in a world full of magic.

The romance in this book was also so much better than in books past. I was smiling so big at points and practically jumping up and down like the giant spazzy girl I am. I love Logan and I am mad that it took this long for that to happen but I pretty much got over that anger once the relationship developed. He’s totally a badass and in book men, that is definitely my type, how could it not be?

The ending was crazy and so much happened and then the book ended with kind of a happy ending with a small reminder that the world is about to get turned into chaos. It was a fantastic ending and although it wasn’t actually a big cliffhanger, it left me dying to read book 4!

I have read better mythology and magic books and this series isn’t at the top of my list but I am still really enjoying it. I would still recommend it to magic and mythology lovers such as myself. You can buy Dark Frost here.

Kiss of Frost by Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy #2)

Kiss of Frost by Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy #2)

Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy, #2)

Goodreads Summary: I’m Gwen Frost, a second-year warrior-in-training at Mythos Acad­emy, and I have no idea how I’m going to sur­vive the rest of the semes­ter. One day, I’m get­ting schooled in sword­play by the guy who broke my heart—the drop-dead gor­geous Logan who slays me every time. Then, an invis­i­ble archer in the Library of Antiq­ui­ties decides to use me for tar­get prac­tice. And now, I find out that some­one at the acad­emy is really a Reaper bad guy who wants me dead. I’m afraid if I don’t learn how to live by the sword—with Logan’s help—I just might die by the sword…

My Review: I have conflicting feelings about this book.

The first 20% of the book was almost completely a summary of the last book which was really annoying to me. I prefer books that pick up where the last one left off with some small pieces of review thrown in but this was a full on reiteration of the last book. I honestly got bored with it but luckily, the first book was good enough that I wanted to find out what happens. After I pushed past the recap, the book was just as amazing as the first.

This book’s plot was more interesting and intense and it went much quicker than the first one. I was addicted to this book and read it in just a few hours and forced myself to go to sleep and not immediately start the next one. I did figure out who was behind the attempted murders, well some of them, before the author actually revealed it but there was a twist I didn’t see coming. Similar to the first book, the subplot was resolved but the main plot of Loki rising once again and threatening to take over the world with Chaos is getting crazier. Now that Gwen is a champion, she has been given a task from the goddess Nike herself and now the world is basically in her hands. With most mythology books I’ve read, the main hero/heroine has to save the world, so this wasn’t a huge surprise to me.

For some reason, training scenes are always my favorite and I got really excited now that three Spartans are training Gwen. Oliver has really grown on me in this book and I liked the few scenes that Gwen and Logan shared together, even though he was a prime suspect for most of the book. I also really enjoyed what the author did with the new development with Gwen’s magic and how she can use it to learn different skills, especially fighting. I’m interested to see where Jennifer Estep takes this. The mythology was also an important aspect of this book and I liked how it didn’t focus on one type of mythology, I got really excited every time some new God or Goddess was mentioned and I hope the rest of the books in the series follow this same method.

The romance in this book was a bit more prevalent but it is mostly anticipation and frustration when nothing happens which is such a horrible feeling in books! Every time something almost happens, I get really excited but then either Logan or Gwen decides to leave and it bothers me so much! I cannot wait for something to happen between them and I really hope the next book does something about that.

I am ready to start the next book and find out what happens with Loki and Logan. Here’s to hoping the next book doesn’t have a giant summary. You can buy Kiss of Frost here.

Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy #1)

Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep (Mythos Academy #1)

Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy, #1)

Goodreads Summary: My name is Gwen Frost, and I go to Mythos Academy; a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek knows how to chop off somebody’s head with a sword and Logan Quinn, the hottest Spartan guy in school, also happens to be the deadliest. But lately, things have been weird, even for Mythos. First, mean girl Jasmine Ashton was murdered in the Library of Antiquities. Then, someone stole the Bowl of Tears, a magical artifact that can be used to bring about the second Chaos War. You know, death, destruction and lots of other bad, bad things. Freaky stuff like this goes on all the time at Mythos, but I’m determined to find out who killed Jasmine and why; especially since I should have been the one who died…

My Review: I love coming across new series that I have never heard of before when searching through goodreads during a book hangover. I am so excited I found this series because it is right up my alley in terms of what I love reading!

I thought this was going to be a book similar to Hex Hall which is a fantastic series about a school full of magic and whatnot, but this book far exceeded my expectations. It not only had fighting and some action, but drama, romance, and is mythology based. If you haven’t noticed from what I have blogged on so far, this is like the ultimate compilation of book aspects that I love. The plot was developed pretty quickly but continued growing and changing and even though part of it was resolved in the end, there was still that small cliffhanger making me desperate for more.

There wasn’t too much romance in this book, but there was a lot of anticipation which is so adorably frustrating! I’m starting to love Logan and I can’t wait to see what is in store with this relationship that is inevitably happening. I also love Daphne, who I thought was going to be my enemy…yeah, long story.

The whole being a Champion thing for a goddess is seriously awesome and even though I have read books with that basic idea before, this book has been original and I don’t think I will be able to anticipate what is going to happen with anything. If romance, action, special magic schools, and mythology are interesting to you, I really think you should give it a read. You can buy Touch of Frost here.

The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter (White Rabbit Chronicles #3)

The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter (White Rabbit Chronicles #3)

The Queen of Zombie Hearts (White Rabbit Chronicles, #3)

Goodreads Summary: I have a plan.
We’ll either destroy them for good, or they’ll destroy us.
Either way, only one of us is walking away.
In the stunning conclusion to the wildly popular White Rabbit Chronicles, Alice “Ali” Bell thinks the worst is behind her. She’s ready to take the next step with boyfriend Cole Holland, the leader of the zombie slayers…until Anima Industries, the agency controlling the zombies, launches a sneak attack, killing four of her friends. It’s then she realizes that humans can be more dangerous than monsters…and the worst has only begun.
As the surviving slayers prepare for war, Ali discovers she, too, can control the zombies…and she isn’t the girl she thought she was. She’s connected to the woman responsible for killing—and turning—Cole’s mother. How can their relationship endure? As secrets come to light, and more slayers are taken or killed, Ali will fight harder than ever to bring down Anima—even sacrificing her own life for those she loves.

My Review: I cannot believe this series is over already! This book did not disappoint me in any way.

The entire book was fast-paced and action packed. There was not a single lull or time when I wanted something to happen. There were so many fights and attacks and it was fantastic. There weren’t as many zombies in this book as the last which actually didn’t bother me too much because it didn’t affect the amount of action.

The plot picked up from where the last book left off and went places that I never thought the author would go. In particular there was a plot twist 10% before the end of the book and I was so thrown off by that because I didn’t think a huge plot could be resolved in such a short amount of time but the author surprised me in a really good way. The visions were also really frustrating in this book and the whole seeing ghosts or “witnesses” as they are called in this book was weird but I still wouldn’t change it if I had the opportunity because it made for such an interesting story.

The romance in this book was as great as in the last ones. I am ridiculously in love with Cole and I probably always will be to be quite honest. The only thing that bothered me about Ali and Cole was how much she pressured him to have sex with her. It was kind of annoying at times but I still love them. The other couples in this book are equally as adorable, though the guys were not as swoon-worthy as Cole. My favorite character is Kat and I find myself now saying some of her sayings like “that is so cake” in real life because for a time, she felt like my real friend.

This series made it into my favorites list and I am in a deep depression now that it is over. I am so glad I read this series and I hope I inspired someone else to read it and I hope they love it as much as I did. You can buy The Queen of Zombie Hearts here.