Throwback Thursday – 2/25/16

Hey everyone, I know it has been forever since I posted and I am sorry about that! I miss blogging so much, I just have no time to read anymore! But no, this is not a throwback to when I used to blog! It’s an actual blog post!!


So while I am at work, I spend my time listening to audiobooks because I don’t have time to read and it keeps me entertained so it’s a win win. Recently, as I have had the Harry Potter audiobooks on hold for what feels like years, I have listened to the unfortunate events series! I’m sure a lot of us read those as kids, I know I did!

The books are so depressing but still somehow addicting! It’s crazy how kids read about so many people dying, it’s terrible but in such an amusing way. I love lemony snicket and I still have not read someone who writes quite like him, defining words in the middle of a sentence, constantly telling people to go read about something else and then trying to scare or bore us out of his book. It’s a really great style of writing that I missed seeing!

I also love how his story line starts out so basic and kind of slow in the first few books but then it picks up so fast and there are so many aspects of a plot and so many plot twists I can’t even keep count. There are also a ton of characters that show up throughout the books that then come up again later. It’s so in depth that if you read books 1-7 and then came back and read 8-13 a year later, you probably wouldn’t remember enough to follow the small details that make the stories so great.

The ending was a little depressing but hey, they aren’t supposed to be fortunate.

If you have some extra time or want to do something while you are working, go to your digital library or Amazon and I encourage you to revisit these books. It’s been a fun experience! This is definitely one of my favourite series for children! You can buy book one on amazon here.


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