The Prince and The Guard by 

The Prince and the Guard by Kiera Cass

I recently listened to this audiobook combination based off of the selection series, which I loved. I loved the prince audiobook, but the guard was a bit slow for me.

In the prince, it was all in maxon’s point of view and if you all read my posts about the selection series way back when, you’ll know that I am in love with Maxon. This short book was entertaining and happy and it’s always fun for me to get to hear the story through the love interest’s point of view. Nothing new happened because it was the same plot line (or a piece of it at least) but maxon had his own spin on things and getting to hear what he thought about America at first, well, let’s say I’m even more in love with him now!

The guard, was not my favorite read. I am not a fan of aspin, I don’t know why but I never was and this book was in his point of view. It was interesting but being that I am so biased toward maxon, it wasn’t as fun! I always wanted him to leave and this story about him at the palace trying to get America back was frustrating for me. The read was also really slow and I felt like I had to get through it rather than wanting to finish as fast as possible because I was addicted. This may be my bias talking…

I would definitely recommend the prince, and if you are a fan of the selection series and aspin, then the guard as well. You can find both on Amazon here.